How Does An E-Cigarette Work And Is It Absolutely Safe?

There has been a lot of debate these days on the safety of using e-cigarettes as an alternative source of nicotine for smoke lovers. Smoking is a harmful habit that needs no special mention and it is not something that one should encourage. Not only does it leave a bad smell in your mouth, but it is an underlying cause of several diseases and side effects, such as rapid aging. It is harmful for the heart and as well can lead to fatal diseases, like cancer. Excessive consumption of cigarettes has been found to cost a lot of lives according to widespread research and surveys done in this field.

However, it goes with saying that smokers are looking for alternatives to smoking; while many have been able to quit smoking once and for all, most smoke lovers find it a difficult habit to get rid of. E-cigarettes or better known at times as e cigarettes online is a cigarette like device which creates vapour by heating a liquid content that the device carries – a method known as vaping. Most smokers are running towards adopting this new technology in recent times. The pull factors of these are many compared to traditional cigarettes such as they emit an odourless vapour unlike a repulsive smoke and are also much lighter on your pocket over time. There are several manufacturers of such devices and they come in various forms and designs with different flavours of the liquid. This article talks about how it works and is it absolutely safe to be consumed?

How it works

The functionality of a pax device or e-cigarette is simple. It has a heating coil which is powered by a power source and which in turn helps in heating the liquid inside. These come with atomizers and batteries but the best part is they look really fashionable. These are generally based out of metals and have a mouth piece. Unlike e-cigarettes and mods, a pax vape is where the pax has a small oven which when is filled up fully with the liquid, the pot gets heated up and starts vaporizing the cannabinoids and other active ingredients.

Is it 100% safe?

There are different schools of thought and different surveys conducted which are still debating around the safety of using e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes or cigars. The issue here on top is that vaping is a practice that is not so old that makes it hard to conclude the real long term impacts of vaping with certainty. The fact that you are not burning the tobacco and smoking in the harmful gust of smoke makes it look like a healthier option.